Tiny Tumbling Things

On to adventure!


Introductory-And fun stuff.

  1. Who.

    Who the heck are you?

    Im a girl!...No, wait...Im a huge fangirl of a lot of stuff! Yay!

    But if you pay 20$ you can call me Arausi.

  2. Why?

    I did this website because i just wanted to have one.

    There isn't really a valid reason for all my bullshit.

  3. Wait, WHAT?

    Heh, I was bored and i thought that it would be Awesome

    to have a webpage of  for myself.:)

    Also, i have no money, at all.

  4. ¿What do you do for a living?

    ¿What do you do for a living?

    I don't have the age to work, yet. I hate studying.

    But i want to draw for a living...I want MONEY!

    Someday i will upload something!

  5. Why are you still doing this FAQ is no one EVER sees your page?

    Because im young and bored.And im pretty sure you know what being young and bored can do.And im trying to help the world by not doing something stupid instead.:|

  6. ¿What is your favorite food?

    Hi! More about me, the girl that never gets bored of molesting others and playing on the wii!

    Most troublesome question on earth.

    Anyway... I suppose it could be my mom's cake. Specially the ice cream one.


  7. Mom.

    My mother is a rather special person, that seems to enjoy being a huge workaholic. I adore her, tho.

    She's a psycologist, and likes to joke a lot.

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