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Here's my DURR worthy past and other things.


 At the start, the world was created. This angered many people and is generally regarded as a bad move. But i appear a lot later. Let's skip the hospital, ok?
One of the first animes is ever saw was Inuyasha. The beloved dog guy and the freakishly annoying girl who uses a bow.
There also was Kaleido Star, MAN i was obsessed with that stuff. And then there's Card Captor Sakura, which i am still cuckoo for. I didn't have Sailor Moon or Candy Candy, though. I had to see them later.
I was pretty hyper about cartoons and i still am.
My favourite movie in animation was Spirited Away. I would see it over and over, non-stop.
I started reading manga when i was about 12, i think. I was sharing a computer with my mother, and i absolutely HATED IT.
My grandmother has had a bunch of different cats, one at a time. My favourite was called Spotties, she was a pretty girl. I would pet her all the time. But then she got run over by a car, and grammy got Kitty, whom is a huge asshole. She bites a lot. I sometimes pet her, but it's only on very rare circumstances. And she always ends up scratching me.
I'm used to it, so hell.
She's had kittens twice. Both times, i just sat on the floor and let them crawl all over me. It was very much nice, but we always had to give them up.
Now she has, though Kitty's still kicking, one we called Coco. She's the sweetest little thing, and if she were human, i would probably try to marry her. 
I've always wanted pets, but my dad is allergic to almost all furs, and dust, so i'm screwed until i can move out.
I'm a bit of a loner wolf, because that term is awesome, and I'm very introverted and shy. I feel very uncomfortable in crowds and i prefer to lean on a wall, rather than being in the middle of a huge mass of people. I combine a deep hate of myself with thinking I'm better than everyone else.

Celtic music is one of the nicest things i'ver ever seen this guy make, but that's mostly because i just stick to his dark music section. Haha, i love this composer. The crows can get annoying after a while, though. There's another version without them.
I enjoy being in fandoms and talking to people that like the same things i do. 
I really love very sweet and/or very salty things. I don't quite enjoy eating my ''greens'' though. Lately, i've begun to like them a little more. I have to become healthy, or die.
 I really dislike scary movies of almost any kind. I do enjoy anything to do with zombies.
There's this really good book, ''Warm Bodies'', that everyone should read.
It's about a zombie guy falling in love and curing himself, starting a widespread of zombie
un-turning, becoming human again.
I'm not one to read Yaoi/yuri/hentai, either. 

I don't like dry fruits, especially peanuts and peanut butter. Or jam. Or ham. I will never experience the supposed joy that is eating PB&J sandwhich.

I also have this absolute hate for Chocolate-Styled computer keyboards, the ones that are really flat, for no reasonable reason.


I like games, of all kinds, really.

I made that on a shitty generator, but it's cute, so i left it here.


I am totally obsessed whit Homestuck. You can notice this by my awful wish and desire to marry Karkat, even if he is not only a loud-mouthed, short Mr.McShouty, but also an alien that is supposed to live in a completely different universe.

There is nothing else to this matter. 


Thank you for your patronage, as every time you see this free website, you're helping a poor shota in need.

But, no don't worry, our shotas are not locked up in dark empty places, they are exposed behind a glass in a full of light and life, green and beautiful DOME in our local Zoo, so everybody can see them!

Just kidding of course, people have rights, so what the hell. But more on this fantastic matter when the Funiverse thing comes up.

More about shotas. I love Vocaloid, my favourite being in between Miku, Gumi and Rin. Gumi's winning. Then, there's Len, who i just LOVE. Because there's nothing shameful in loving fictional characters, and you're free to do whatever you want, as long as you're not hurting anything or anybody.

I may talk about shotas, but it's really just all a joke. I don't actually watch anything like yaoi. I just don't like it.